Welcome to “This Peaceful Home”

“Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners” – Charles Henry Parkhurst.

front door fallI hope you’ll join me as I explore “home” and the ways you can support your life goals with the environment you create in your home.

I’ve always believed the inner is reflected in the outer – that our state of mind can often be deduced simply by observing our outer environment. When we’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or overburdened, our environments can sometimes reflect it back to us with messy, disorganized spaces. And conversely, beautiful restful spaces suggest an ordered, calm mind.

I also believe we have the power to work backwards to calm and peace by overhauling our “now” space to create a supportive framework for “future” peace to settle in. Create a heaven in your home, and watch the changes happen!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to “This Peaceful Home”

  1. Hi Cherie!

    What a great post- I completely agree. I always tend to be more messy and disorganized when I’m stressed, and in turn, this just makes me even MORE stressed out!

    Additionally, I always find tranquility when I take some time to clean and organize my space!

    I looked at your work- you really have a talent! I love so many of the spaces you’ve made over. Beautiful eye for design and room structure.

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    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Amber! It does take effort to pay attention to your space when you’re busy or stressed, but it’s worthwhile. Often those small accomplishments can spur you out of being stuck in other seemingly unrelated areas!


  2. My colleagues often comment on how neat my desk is, and I wonder if they think I’m not productive because there aren’t papers and books strewn about. I can’t work in a mess, and I’m definitely more productive in a beautiful serene environment. Thanks for this encouraging post!

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