Intention Setting: Creating a Home Office

You create your own universe as you go along – Winston Churchill

One of my goals in writing this blog is to explore how we can purposefully create changes in our lives through consciously modifying our surroundings – a sort of “Decorator’s Law of Attraction” in action. Intention setting is important, and I think when we have a “future vision” it helps to write it down and make it real.

By physically creating a space for our ideas to grow we give weight and substance to our intentions.  To support an intention in your space doesn’t have to mean a major reno – it can be as small as placing something that symbolizes your goal in a display or vignette. Or, depending on your goal, it could mean a larger project – creating the physical space to do something. Regardless of what you do it, it will feel special, because you are doing it to support your vision.

My own current goal is two-fold: first, growing this blog; and second, finally making a dedicated space to gather and use my supplies – art supplies, paint chips, fabrics, and my library of art and interior design books. I also happen to have a spare room, unused for much other than storage. Here is the room below:

It is not large, but it does have a good size window. It was even more cluttered before these photos were taken, with boxes from our move here – four years ago! – and detritus that had nowhere else to land. The carpeting is pretty ugly, but it will stay for the time being. It is always a challenge to work with fixed elements that may not be so desirable – but in this business, it’s the way it often is, even when you’re working on your own home.

So, the challenge will be to work with what is, to create what will be – in the here and now, as well as the future.

So how do I want my space to look? Well, I’m not really sure. Do I want it light and airy?


Image from Pink Little Notebook

Or dark and moody?

home office moody

Image from South Shore Decorating Blog

Decisions, decisions. But this feels like play. And that’s good, because:

Actions do speak louder than words. Actions tell the universe you are serious about having this thing you want. They tell your subconscious mind you intend to receive it. And the action should be part of the fun—if the action isn’t joyful maybe take another look at whether you really want this thing and whether you really believe you can have it.

-Boni  Lonnsburry


3 thoughts on “Intention Setting: Creating a Home Office

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