Colour Cure: Green

It’s hard to hang on to cheerful optimism as fall deepens and the days get shorter. October is lovely – vibrant turning leaves, brilliant blue skies, still-green-grass. But November? If you live in a northern climate, the grass is dying, the skies are often grey, and the trees are bare.

Yes, November can be sad.

Dispiriting November

Some people do love this time of year, with its cosy sweaters and moody dark colours. But if you don’t, and find the grey days depressing, consider adding green to your indoor life. It will give you a welcome respite from an interminable lack of outdoor colour.

If you have a light neutral space, it can be as easy as throw pillows.

Or a green cosy blanket throw.

A larger, yet inspired, investment in green is the kitchen below. It offers a surprise of “colour joy”, drawing guests in for a jolt of happy.

You could add green with a light fixture, as in this elegant dining room. You might even have an older chandelier you could spray paint to create this look.
black dining room, green chandelier
A green velvet sofa, like the one below, might seem to be a risky investment in a specific colour, but green is an excellent neutral.  It plays beautifully with virtually any colour. This one glows against a moody blue wall, while pillows in different shades of green sit comfortably together – proving the adage that all greens work together.

Indoor plants not only add a peaceful counterpoint to the other colours in your space, but are a living reminder of spring, every day.

And of course, Christmas decor will provide a temporary excuse for lots of green.

Images via Pinterest
Do you need a colour cure for November? Would green help to carry you through the long winter?

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