Spread the Light: Chandeliers

Versailles, Hall of Mirrors, chandeliers

In design, my two favourite go-to items are mirrors and whenever possible, chandeliers. Chandeliers are the jewellery of a room, sparkling, reflecting, and generally just making everything brighter and better. A chandelier says elegance and timelessness, not to mention abundance and prosperity.

And you don’t have to be Louis XIV to use them.

While once only available  to the most wealthy and powerful, crystal chandeliers are now an accessible decorative element that still evokes beauty and lavishness.

Sconce closeup

Light sparkles on crystal


Today fanciful chandeliers hang anywhere – here above a simple pine butcher block island, creating design tension in an otherwise rustic kitchen.

chandelier, kitchen

via Pinterest

A  gorgeous chandelier is the pièce d’résistance in a hall staircase already showing off with a black iron railing and toile wall.

chandelier, iron railing, staircase, black and white

via Pinterest

A dining room is where you’d expect to see a chandelier. This confection sparkles against beams and a rough wall.

rough wall, chandelier, white

via Pinterest

And if one chandelier works, wouldn’t three be even better?

chandelier, trio of chandeliers

via Pinterest

And on a smaller scale, why not a master bath?

Painted Iron Chandelier Sconce

Painted Iron Chandelier Sconce

The above chandelier sconce (one of a pair flanking the mirror) originally had an iron finish. Painting each an antique white before installation gave them an airy feel more in keeping with the bathroom design.


And finally, two of my favourite things together – an antiqued mirror, and an iron and pewter chandelier:

mirror, chandelier, dining room

via Pinterest

Do you have somewhere a chandelier could bring in light and sparkle?


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