Rearrange Your Rooms; Rearrange Your Life

Do you have spaces in your home that just don’t work for you? A bedroom that is never slept in? A dining room that is never dined in? A living room that is never really “lived” in?

It’s a fact that when we move into our homes, we often continue using rooms in their designated roles, as they were used by previous owners, or according to the labels affixed to them. And we often don’t realize the lack of relevance these uses have in our own lives. So we keep living and bending ourselves to these “fixed” elements. And it’s really a metaphor for your life.

If you want to shake up your life, shake up your spaces! Look at your current lifestyle in your home, and what it might look like if you changed things up. You don’t even need to call in a contractor and knock down walls (unless you want to and can afford it). Just spend some time visualizing. Take a helicopter view of your home and how you live in it, and how you would like to live in it.

For you it might mean something as simple as moving your furniture around, and re-hanging your art in different places in one room. Or it might mean changing what your rooms are used for. Either way, the result will be a home that feels rejuvenated. And that feeling of “decor empowerment” may well translate into a feeling of more personal power – as you realize you are ultimately the pilot of your own ship.

Below is a dining space in a former home, and it wasn’t in the dining room:

1852 century home dining area.

1852 century home dining area.

This pretty space was stolen from part of a large living room, and combining two functions in one room made a better entertaining area. The fireplace could be enjoyed while dining, and it was easy to move to the seating area at the other end of the room.

And what of the actual former dining room space off the kitchen? It was turned into a cosy den, which made much more sense in a home without a main floor family room.

After - dining room to den

After – dining room to den

I can’t believe that it took me ten years to finally realize that the room we were missing as a family was right under our noses and possible to create in a day. And that’s the thing about life. What we can easily see for others, we can miss in our own lives, haha. But that’s a topic for another day.


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