Bathroom Comfort: Heated Floors

Is this beautiful bathroom the pinnacle of perfection?

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

If that expanse of marble floor is heated, well yes, then true perfection has been achieved.

That’s because with the arrival of winter, heat coming from your bathroom floor will make you happy every minute you spend there. Trust me.

If you are planning a renovation and will include marble or porcelain, you really can’t go wrong adding the extra step of floor heat. The upfront costs are not outrageous, the process is pretty straightforward, and you can program the floor to raise the temperature at the times you will be using the space, without having to raise the overall temperature of your home.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Below is an example of a floor warming system, including the thermostat and installation components. It is pretty easy to program this thermostat, or you can just use the pre-programmed schedules.

And our installation below. The mats themselves can be carefully clipped between the wires (never nick or cut a wire!) to customize your layout around bathroom fittings, and the mesh carefully stapled or glued down. Be very gentle spreading the thin-set over the mats, to avoid digging into and damaging the wires. And test, test, test with the “Loud Mouth” tester as you  lay the final floor. This will ensure that if any damage has occurred to your wires, it can be fixed then. For obvious reasons. And once the floor is finished, aside from a quick test at the end, let it cure for a month before turning the heat on.

There really aren’t many visuals for an intangible experience like floor temperature comfort, so let’s just enjoy some pretty bathrooms. You can imagine your feet luxuriating on these assumed-to-be-warm floors.

Design by Alegardia

Design by Alegardia

Draperies and an upholstered chair add to the feeling of warmth and luxury in this bath:

By Suzanne Kasler, in Architectural Digest

By Suzanne Kasler, in Architectural Digest

And imagine this bathroom, with warmth underfoot. With expansive hard surfaces of mirror, window, and with marble covering walls and floor, there is really no other option.

From Elle Decor

From Elle Decor

As luxuries go, floor heating is not really a high ticket extravagance, but it will feel like one every winter morning. Because starting and ending your day feeling comfortable and pampered is a good thing.



2 thoughts on “Bathroom Comfort: Heated Floors

  1. My bathroom floor is always the coldest to walk on, and it makes me dread waking up in the morning. I agree that with winter coming, heat from the bathroom floor would make me very happy! I will look into options of having my floors heated, because I cannot bear the thought of them being cold all winter long.


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