RANARP Light Fixture Blues

I love the Ikea line of Ranarp light fixtures. I wanted the work lamp for my home office, but it was out of stock. I brought home the pendant instead, and decided on some light fixture rearrangements: the existing pendant in the kitchen would be transitioned up to my office, and the new pendant would go over the kitchen table.

Above, right: the former kitchen pendant, now moved to the as-yet-unfinished office. With the addition of a dimmer (well, two actually, as the first one was faulty and didn’t work) all was well here.

That left a vacancy for this design statement in my kitchen. Haha:

The New Industrial Chic

A day later, the new pendant was installed:

Ikea Ranarp Pendant


So pretty. Look at that cord, and those brass accents. Perfect. But.

Of course there is always a but.

And here it is:

Ikea Ranarp Pendant Fail


Wait, what? The hell? The top of the pendant does not cover the plate. Or the hole in the ceiling.

After a quick online search, I discovered that others are just as frustrated with this pendant design flaw. But a call to Ikea revealed that apparently no, there is nothing anywhere documenting such an issue. Hmm.

Does anyone out there have the answer to this dilemma? I want this light. Badly. But this ceiling disaster? Not so much. A bead of caulk, perhaps? Making our own metal ceiling plate somehow?

I love a challenge as much as the next person, but an Ikea light – no matter how inexpensive – wasn’t somewhere I expected to find a design “flaw” of this nature. It’s baffling.

Part two of this post – with the fix – is here.


11 thoughts on “RANARP Light Fixture Blues

  1. I’ve just installed this same fixture and have the same problem. Have you come up with a solution? A bead of caulking wont help cover the ugly drywall cut I’m left to stare at!


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  3. I’m taking a wild guess that Ikea’s light is built on a metric size and your old fixture was English and/or the electrician was just sloppy when he cut the original hole for your old piece. Best bet is to install a simple chandelier medallion. Good luck!


  4. I came across your post as we are currently trying to install this light fixture ourselves, and cannot figure out how the small white cover that’s meant to hide the cords is supposed to attach to the cover plate to stay up at the ceiling. Do you have any advice? thanks so much


  5. I am considering getting this light for above my dining room table to replace a chandelier similar to the one you replaced. I’m just wondering how you like the light? Do you fee like the light is only directly under the lamp or does it illuminate the room? I’m worried that the room will seem too dark with this light, but I like the way the light fixture looks. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


    • Hi Amanda, I find the light mainly illuminates the table, and not the whole room. As a result, I also use a small lamp on a table in a corner, as well as the string lights you’ll notice around the chalkboard beside the table. Perhaps if the light was hung closer to the ceiling you’d have greater illumination, but that would look odd I think. Perhaps if your table is rectangluar and your room is large, you could hang two lights over the table, but that would be a bigger expense for the electrical wiring. I hope this helps.


  6. I just started trying to install this fixture today. The holes in the metal plate do not line up with the holes in the junction box.
    Did you have this problem too? This happened with another light fixture from Ikea. That was an easy fix, but this fixture hooks on to the plate so I’m not sure I can just replace the plate.


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