Christmas in Paris

In a recent post I fantasized about running away to the tropics to skip the overwhelming materialism of Christmas. But perhaps what I really need is a dose of restorative Christmas magic. And what city is the most magical on earth? Paris.

Christmas in Paris

A few short weeks in the summer of 2013 proved to me that Paris is a city to be savoured, over time, and hopefully, in all seasons. Someday, I’ll spend Christmas there.

In the meantime, I’ll dream.

The streets and the shops in Montmartre were lovely in the summer. We passed this shop every day. How do they dress perfection? With Christmas finery.

Pastry Shop in Montmartre

Hand made treats to savour.

Paris shop

Bustling streets.


Skating in front of the Hotel de Ville.

Skating in Front of l' Hotel de Ville

Hot chocolate at Angelina’s.

Hot Chocolate

Charming restaurants.

Charming Parisian Restaurant


And for a bit of glitz (or a lot), Galeries Lafayette is a landmark that has to be seen to be believed.

Galeries Lafayette

And for a different, more peaceful kind of glow, churches and cathedrals:

Notre Dame

Just for fun, a more pleasant Christmas “merry-go-round”:

Paris Merry-Go-Round

And in the evening, as light falls:

Eiffel Tower in Winter

Winter Evening in Paris

My holiday wish for you: 

Have a Peaceful, Joyful Christmas

All images via Pinterest.


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