BM’s Guilford Green: A Great Supporting Player

Benjamin Moore’s 2015 Colour of the Year is Guilford Green, HC -114.

Guilford Green HC - 116

At first glance, this was a choice I wasn’t very excited about, as on it’s own it’s rather insipid.

Guilford Green

I do love greens: accents of fresh apple greens, and richer shades of emerald, as I’ve mentioned before. But this shade? On all four walls? There was a bedroom painted this colour in our current home when we moved in, and I was so happy to paint over it, while creating my new home office. 

However, with colour, context is everything, and Guilford Green is no exception. This is a colour that can beautifully support other colours. In fact, Guilford Green may be the “colour of the year”, but it is really the thread that links four colour stories for Benjamin Moore this year: Berry, Blue, Blush and Green.

First up is the Berry Family, which includes Universal Black. And you’ll notice in the garden room below, Guilford Green takes a back seat to the black on the walls and windows. Instead it lights the ceiling, drawing in the beautiful outdoors. Universal Black also happens to be my own go-to-black, and it covers my dining room walls. So this is a gorgeous look I would totally do:

You’ll also notice that the Berry Family includes Carter Plum, which is similar to Pantone’s 2015 Colour of the Year, Marsala. And you can see that green is precisely what happens to be missing in the photo on the left, while Pantone includes it on the right, making everything look better. Context.

Our next colour story is the Blue Family, where Guilford Green again takes on a supporting role. Here it works beautifully with blue toile in a bedroom. Try to imagine this room without the green. It wouldn’t have the same impact.

The next group, blush, is a soft, feminine story. The living room below is gorgeous, and rather daring actually, as pink has not been seen as a major colour since the early 90’s. The room is balanced and supported by the secondary shades of greenish grey.

And finally, the Green Family, with it’s range of greens: yellow-green, blue-green, grey-green, creamy-green. All greens always go with other shades of green, as you can see in the room below. Here you see wonderful depth, as different greens are layered to create a compelling, moody atmosphere.

Will Guilford Green become an important neutral? Like grey? I’m not so sure. However, it will probably be a player, because like grey – which also is not so exciting on it’s own – it does work well in context with other colours. And every winning team needs supporting players.

*above images via Pinterest   


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