A Perfectionist’s Resolution

The start of a new year, with it’s 365 unspoiled days ahead, is ripe with potential. And the thought that, finally, this year will be perfect.

Just Another Thing Hanging Over Your Head

Minimalistic Interior

For your home, it will mean calm, perfectly decorated rooms, with no clutter in sight; not even in your perfectly organized closets, colour-blocked and spare, or in drawers no one ever sees.

Children’s rooms finally immaculate with only the attractive, educational toys they use and no more. Put away neatly.

Your body, toned and perfect with your routine exercise.


Meals healthy and fresh. Your children’s packed lunches always creative, delicious and nutritious.

For your life: work when you want it, money rolling in and debt disappearing.

Make More Money

Worthy goals, all.

But if you’re a perfectionist, the pressure of a new year can be intense, because along with the hopes of new beginnings comes fear – of failure, of not being up to the task, of biting off more than you can chew, of making mistakes. For some, fear is a motivator, but for perfectionists, it’s a deterrent to success, freezing them in their tracks, resulting in procrastination or even self-sabotage.

This year, if you’re a perfectionist, make a resolution to make mistakes, to not be perfect. Go fully forward, willing to screw up, and willing to start over again if necessary.

Wishes For The New Year

Join me this next year – let’s step off the path of perfectionism, and create life with abandon!  Nothing is impossible, and we can achieve our goals, whatever they may be, and do it step by step if necessary. Starting is key.

You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.

— Gandhi


–Images via Pinterest


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