Home Inspiration: Patina Farm

This month’s Velvet and Linen blog post Sneak Peak: Patina Farm Feature in Veranda Magazine! is perfect inspiration for January home resolutions. Brooke and Steve Giannetti’s  beautiful new Ojai, California home is both restful and elegant.

January 2015 Veranda Cover

Built over the last few years, they have thoughtfully chosen outdoor elements to ensure their home is already settled into the landscape, and indoor fixtures that suggest timelessness. Below is their master bath, with a glass wall looking outside onto already mature plantings, and natural stone and un-lacquered brass fittings inside.

Patina Farm Master Bath

Every part of the whole is carefully crafted, using reclaimed and antique architectural pieces wherever possible, combined with a clean aesthetic.

Patina Farm Living Room


Light fills the space, pouring through large windows and doors, blurring the boundaries between indoor and out. Textures invite touching, and the juxtaposition of relaxed fabrics on traditional furniture invites lounging.

Dining Room at Patina Farm

But what really matters is that the overall feeling is peaceful. Uncluttered. Welcoming. This is a home at home with itself. Nothing feels extraneous, yet the rooms are not too spare. There is enough here.

If de-cluttering is on your list of home to-dos, this careful balance is something to aspire to. While you might fantasize about starting over and building or moving, it is still possible to achieve this feeling of peace in your current home. And on the plus side, you won’t have the stress of actually moving.

I’ll be tackling the next steps to make your home resolutions a reality in upcoming posts.


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