Colour Cure: Blue

It’s getaway-vacation dreaming time! Why do we dream of the tropics? Besides the sun, warmth and sounds of waves lapping? Blue. Being enveloped in blue – the blue of a sunlit sky, azure water, and the inky blue of star-filled night skies – is evocative of peace and relaxation.

Tropical Paradise

Blue is the colour most chosen by people as their favourite.  Ancient Egyptians used the blue of lapis lazuli in ornaments and amulets to represent heaven. Powdered lapis was used by Cleopatra as eyeshadow. And in the middle ages, it was ground up and used to create the most expensive pigment, ultramarine. Painters such as Vermeer used it to clothe the central figure of their works, emphasizing their importance. Vermeer’s most recognizably iconic painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665), caused a furor when he dressed a humble housemaid with the vivid blue usually reserved for exalted figures:

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Today anyone can enjoy the luxury of blue.

Put some blue in your life when you want:

-calm and relaxation to counteract chaos or agitation
-to open the flow of communication
-to broaden your perspective in learning new information
-solitude and peace

– Emily Gems

You can always wear something blue:

Turquoise Blue Coat

And add it into your home, where it can evoke the beauty of sea and sky, and lift your spirits. Use it on an accent wall:

Blue Wall

Colour similar to Farrow & Ball’s “Cook’s Blue”

Or in your accessories:

Or in your accessories.

On a ceiling, to bounce light around the space.  Light blue is reflective and evocative of the sky. The eye perceives blue as receding, which makes it ideal for this application:

Living Room

Used as an accent, as on this door, it makes neutral colours come alive:

When combined with white, blue enhances a feeling of openness and cleanliness:

Turquoise Home Office

Blue can be dramatic in a modern space:

Dark Blue Velvet Ottoman

Or in an eclectic space:

Blue Velvet Chairs

Deeper, navy blue is a sophisticated classic that instantly elevates a room:

Whatever shade of blue you prefer, it can introduce magic into your home.

Blue Azure Night Sky

All images via Pinterest, unless noted.


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