RANARP Pendant Light Fix

This is a follow-up to a post from a few weeks back, RANARP Light Fixture Blues:

If you remember, just before Christmas we were trying to knock off a few little projects around the house. One of them was moving the kitchen light to my new office, and installing a new Ikea pendant in its place. What should have been a quick job turned into a frustrating stalemate. The RANARP pendant ceiling fitting turned out to be a poorly designed mess:

Ikea Ranarp Pendant Fail

As you can see, the ceiling cover does not fit over the supplied metal plate from which the light itself hangs. And, to make it even worse, neither the plate nor the cover are large enough to fit over a standard North American junction box. The result is an ugly gaping circle of cut drywall.

We live quite a distance from Ikea, and so, uncertain if we could somehow rig up a fix, I managed to get an extension on the Ikea return window, and we put the light mess on the back burner over the holidays. Since I really like the design (and frankly, the price) of the light, I wanted it to work. My husband thought maybe he could fix up a new, smaller metal plate to attach the light, but that still would not have covered the hole, so there would have been some drywall repair. It’s ridiculous to have to get into that level of work for a new light. But it was sweet of him to even consider it.

This weekend, with the return deadline looming, it occurred to me that perhaps an easy way to fix the mess was to simply cover it. With a ceiling medallion. It was worth a try, if it could save both a long drive, and a dark blank hole over the kitchen table, while I tried to find a replacement. I like shopping as much as the next person, but this was not an exciting prospect.

So, it was off to Home Depot. We found this inexpensive pot light medallion ($12.99):

Small Ceiling Medallion

If you’re in the same boat, I think this one from Amazon would work even better:

Westinghouse 10" Ceiling Medallion

It’s 10″ wide and has a smooth centre, without ridges to line up with the pendant cover, unlike the one we used.

The main thing is the inner circle needs to be smaller than the diameter of the light cover in order to work, which is no problem with most pot light medallions. And the plainer the style you can find, the better.

The installation did require some finagling, as the screws at the top protruded a little bit. Cutting out little depressions from the styrofoam allowed the medallion to sit flush.

Once it was up, it did require a couple of small nails to hold it in place, and a bead of caulk around both the outside of the medallion close to the ceiling, and the inner circle where the cover met the medallion. Caulk covered the nail holes as well. Caulk is your friend. Use it generously.

Ceiling Medallion

Overall, this was a pretty easy fix. It looks nice too, with the medallion and cover echoing the shape of the hanging pendant.

Ranarp Pendant with Medallion

But Ikea? Really? This is a major design flaw.

Part one of this story here.



25 thoughts on “RANARP Pendant Light Fix

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  3. So encouraged by this – we have the same problem, obviously. Will look for a medallion that’s smaller, since this is for a simple beach house (i.e. the victorian design of a medallion is a bit much). Terrible!

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  4. Luckily I figured out this flaw before trying to install, and hit up The Home Depot. HOWEVER, for the life of me, I can not figure out the wiring. So confusing, as only Ikea can accomplish : ) Black and white to black and white. But then green and yellow?! There’s one coming off the pendant, and another on the plate. I’m so confused….plus a copper one floating around in the can in the ceiling. Might be time for electrician…..


  5. Hi! I just bought the IKEA Ranarp 9″ pendant light (same cover as the one you used). How does the cover for the wires clip onto anything? It doesn’t fit over the metal cover that came with the light, as you mentioned but even if I were not to use the plate, how does it clip onto anything? Does it somehow clip onto the ceiling medallion? I can’t get ahold of anyone to help at IKEA. Thanks!


    • Hi Gina, the cover is held in place by a brass fitting which you pull up the cord and tighten against the cover. You’ll find it sitting on top of the light fixture where the cord comes out – it isn’t attached and will slide up the cord and screw to the hollow threaded bolt (which the cord goes through). I hope this helps.


  6. I just wanted to drop a note here to say thank you for this post! Electrical is a little bit outside my comfort zone and I was half convinced I had just messed up the instal of this light – I was happy (sorry) to see that it wasn’t just me and relieved that someone had already come up with a simple solution.


  7. I thought I was the only one experiencing this problem, until I saw your post. The picture shows exactly what the problem is. I’m disappointed that Ikea has not corrected/recalled/acknowledged the issue that is faced by everyone who tries to install these lights. I like the design and simplicity, but the execution is flawed. All they have to do is make the canopy larger and the problem is fixed.
    What I ended up doing was reducing the diameter of the ceiling plate with a bench grinder so the canopy would fit over it. PITA, but it’s one option.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post this information.


  8. Wow, I am so glad to have found this article. We fidgeted with this for so long and just when we had hidden most of the gap around the plate, we find out the bell and plate don’t fit!

    I guess this goes back to the ol’ “You get what you pay for” but agree – this is a pretty obvious and easily fixable design flaw on their part.


    • Hi Sarah, it is so unexpectedly wrong that probably everyone installing this light thinks they must have done something wrong at first! We’ve come to expect clever yet affordable design from Ikea, so this indeed an odd experience.


  9. What is the size of your electrical box? I’m having an issue, simply mounting the light bracket to the wall.. after that I can’t seem to find a way to get the ikea canopy to attach to the bracket. Please help.


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