Home Office Reveal

A little while back I posted pictures of my home office to-be. And now, welcome to my new space!

A corner desk saves space:

Corner Desk

Home Office

A blanket box/chest creates a window seat.

Window Seat

The wall is chalkboard paint, though I haven’t been able to bring myself to season it and write on it yet.

Chalkboard Wall

There’s plenty of storage: on the shelves, in the wardrobe and in the closet (below). I had a blank space over this bookcase, so I dug out some design plates I did years ago, and used large paper clips to hang them. I can always switch them out and hang other papers if I choose to.

Office Storage & Display

White parrots hold books on the opposite bookcase. I spotted them at Homesense a few weeks ago, didn’t buy them, and later regretted it. I asked my husband to make a stop and pick them up for me – but he said they’d been sold. I didn’t find out until Valentine’s day that yeah, they’d been sold – to him.

Parrot Bookends

The basic leather office chair I inherited from my husband’s office is covered with a black sheepskin – adding a bit of style and warmth!


The desk lamp is aged brass, and it references the newly painted chest with its matching knobs.

Desk Lamp

I love how the warmth of the brass looks against black.


This is what the chest looked like before:

Chest Before

And now:

Window Seat

The whole room is an illustration of “use-what-you-have” design; everything but the drapes and the two shelves over the desk I either already had, or inherited during the process. The light fixture had previously been in my kitchen (there was a bit of an issue with the switch out). The desk was in my son’s room when he was younger. The two bookcases and the file cabinet were cast-offs that arrived just when I needed them, and I painted them with the same can of black paint I’d bought for the chest/window seat.

Bookcases before

The Ikea Viktor shelf and Valter bracket were a total investment of $7.49 (plus tax) per shelf. Gotta love that!


And a view of the room before (click on the photos below for a larger view). You can read more about my intention for the project here. You’ll notice the window frame was basic white. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to paint a window frame black, and this was my chance.

The previous wall paint, as you can see, was green – though it maybe wasn’t quite as vibrant as the photo on the left suggests. It did a great job of highlighting the pinky beige of the carpet (which has to stay for now), since complementary shades intensify each other. Without the green, the carpet recedes in importance. It was pure pleasure to paint those walls.

The photos above don’t do justice to the state this room had actually been in for the last 4 years. Many, many boxes and much clutter had been dealt with before it occurred to me to take a couple of pictures. The process highlighted just how important it is to de-clutter before re-organizing – a topic I talk about here. It feels great to claim useful space out of what had been an aggravating eyesore, irritating me every time I passed it.

I’m enjoying my new office – it’s a quiet, warm, serene space – and the first time I’ve gathered together all of my things and allotted a whole room to myself. Well, I do have to share it – but she’s a quiet companion, my constant shadow, following me wherever I go in the house.


No more working at the dining room table. What luxury!

Be Bold Enough poster

Thanks for visiting with me!




9 thoughts on “Home Office Reveal

    • Thanks! The drapes were from Ikea – they’re “Ryssby 2014″, and linen, which I love. They were long enough I had plenty of fabric to work with for the bench. Unfortunately, they’re discontinued now, but I’ll bet you can find something similar. They were about $60 a pair I think (I have 2 pairs) and I actually bought them when they were being cleared out last fall, so they were an even better deal! Much less expensive than buying fabric and making my own. Good luck!


  1. Just hopped over from Apartment Therapy (followed the link in your post). I love your aesthetic, you have a new fan, I’ll be back! (Although I don’t see those large black paperclips you mentioned on AT, maybe I’ll come across them as I click around)


    • So glad you came by! The clips are in the fifth photo down. They were the largest variety I could find, though you might be able to find even larger (I plan to keep an eye out myself). I hung them on little brass nails, and will change out what hangs there periodically.


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