Bedside Furniture: Table or Dresser?


Dresser Night Table

If your goal for your bedroom is a calm, beautiful space, taking full advantage of the real estate beside your bed is key. Organizing is so much easier with the right furniture.

The typical night stand looks something like this:

Bedside Table

Its minimal lines work well for some people. People who only need a lamp. People who don’t need Kleenex boxes, ear plugs, lip balms, lotions, magazines, journals, books, clocks, etc, etc, etc, beside their beds. The kind of people who probably only exist in magazines, actually.

For everyone else struggling to corral their necessities, consider using a dresser – one with drawers large enough to keep those essentials hidden, yet easily within night time groping range.

Bedside Dresser

A dresser with a top surface large enough for a lamp and a glass of water, with everything not beautiful hidden away:

Bedside Dresser

Whether your style is glamorous and fancy:

Mirrored Dresser

Or simple and contemporary:

Floating Dresser

A bedside dresser will calm your bedroom clutter, and promote the peaceful environment you’re looking for.

Unless you really prefer to live on the edge. In that case, how about this?

Floating Shelf

Cat swing anyone?

Images via Pinterest.




2 thoughts on “Bedside Furniture: Table or Dresser?

  1. I have a narrow dresser with two drawers. It keeps things nice and organized. Except I love to keep some books and journals on the top surface! I find it comforting and inspiring. I reach over to read or write at any moment. Ps: I love that mirrored dresser!


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