Bathroom Subway Tile: Decisions, Decisions

White subway tile – a bathroom classic. So simple.

Subway Tile Shower Niche

It’s what I’ve chosen for our own upstairs family bath reno, now underway. However, what seemed like a simple choice is really not so simple; there are still options to be weighed and agonized over, like tile pattern, grout colour and room coverage.

Subway Tile

For instance: offset brick pattern, with a contrasting grout?

Or brick pattern with white grout?

White Subway Tile

Two entirely different looks. What mood do I want? Graphically energetic, or serene? And there is the cleaning consideration. White IS harder to clean.

How about pale grey grout as a compromise? Ok, but let’s add in the option of tile pattern. How about an upright herringbone pattern?:

Subway Tile with Grey Grout

Or a regular herringbone?:

Elegant Herringbone Subway Tile

Or something completely different, like this vertical pattern which takes a horizontal detour partway up?:

Subway Tile Pattern

And what about tiling location? Will it go only in the tub surround?

Subway Tile Tub Surround

Or everywhere?:

Fully Tiled Bathroom

Or how about only in the the tub surround AND on the vanity wall?:

Tiled Vanity Wall

Or partway up the wall, with a chair rail border? And inset contrast bands? Can’t forget that option:

Subway Tile with Chair Rail Border

You can see my dilemma. Simple subway tile is not so simple, is it? And I haven’t even discussed the shower niche options – edge borders, inset tiles, etc, etc. My head is spinning.

All images via Pinterest


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